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Natural Nails Overlay + Extension + Russian Manicure INTENSIVE




3 days

About the Course

The more practice with the instructor - the better!!!

On the first day, you'll learn how to precisely shape natural nails, how to perform Russian Manicure, how to apply gel under the cuticle and how to prepare the nails so the manicure lasts up to 5-6 weeks with no chipping!

On the second day, you'll learn how to perform nail extension and shape them, how to perform Russian manicure and make extensions last up to 5-6 weeks!

On the third day you'll perform a nail extension with intricate shapes and also learn how to make hand-made French design with a long nail bed that all the clients simply ADORE!

If you are a nail tech already, your clients will be amazed with the drastic change of your work and you'll be able to increase your pricing!

Program includes:

• gel polish natural nails overlay;

• nail extension technique;

• Russian manicure;

• applying the gel polish under the cuticle (for lasting longer);

• precise shaping;

• sterilization process (to avoid infections etc);

• materials links and guide;

• 3!!! model full process practice:

• 1 month mentorship;

• certificate of completion.

Your Instructor

Olga Bykova

Olga is a licensed technician based in Apex, NC and she is in the nail industry since 2011 and is ready to share her knowledge and experience gained in her home country Kazakhstan.

Olga Bykova
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