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LASH 301: Classic + Hybrids + Volume 3 days

(Private Training) A nice bundle, students favorite course that saves you $400


$̶2̶7̶9̶0̶ $2380


2 Days

What You'll Learn

Class info:

  • Lash extension history and manufacturing process;

  • Materials guide;

  • Adhesive specifications;

  • Getting the place ready to start;

  • Perfect tweezers;

  • Disinfection;

  • Products. Additional materials;

  • Proper organization of the workplace;

  • Eye, lid and lash structure;

  • Lash cycle;

  • Lash extension steps;

  • Sequence of extension;

  • Technical rules;

  • Eye shapes and lash mapping;

  • Fills and aftercare;

  • Lash removal;

  • Service tips;

  • Taking selling pictures;

  • Useful apps;

  • Unique Russian Volume fanning technique;

  • Basic layering and perfect line techniques;

  • Fan placement and direction;

  • Hybrids maps and styles;

  • Spikes/wispies/Kim effect;

  • Fills and aftercare;

  • Shaping and styling;

  • How to avoid stickies with mega volume fans;

  • How to make Mega Volume extension look luxury and feel lightweight;

  • Who can’t have Mega Volume and why;

  • Mega Volume Concept;

  • Multiple ways of making Mega Volume;

  • Full set for 2 hours (average Mega Volume price $200-250)

Lash kit included ($450 value)

+Extra Mega Volume Tweezer;

+2 more lash palettes with Mega Volume lashes;

+Extra adhesive for Mega Volume;

Coffee, water, snacks and LUNCH provided all days.

4 certificates provided! Mentorship for 2 months!

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